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Note: All rights and properties of this game are from their respective owners. We (Apollo Server team) are not responsible for any of the software or experiences provided by these games.
--Created by maikerumine and Aiden Garvin
--Minetest 0.4.14/4.15 game: "Aftermath"
--namespace: aftermath
--(c) 2015-2017 by: maikerumine and Aiden Garvin
--Inspired by Blockmen's Wasteland game.


Introduction to Aftermath:

You awaken in the center of a rustic village after a long while, time seems to have forgotten about you, as you did it. You realize there was a great war, a total catastrophe, nothing is as it seems. There are killers out at night to raid and loot your things, as well as an unidentified creature of some sort.. You look in your inventory and find an assortment of items, some of which are firearms and wood.
The realization that you have to survive at all costs is awakening, your adrenaline starts to pump as you make haste to the nearest abandoned building to look for things for this epic adventure.
Can you survive a night?
Can you make it a week?
Can your mind accept that this is life after the great war?
You must start again, from scratch, in a bombed out radioactive world.


Additional Helpful Information:
There are NO diamond or Mese tools in game except the climbing pick.
Let's be realistic folks, any crystal would shatter and a complete diamond tool would be unrealistic.
Mese can be used to craft guns- see crafting guide in game.
Duct-tape is your best friend, you will need this to craft ANY tool.
You can smelt any metal item down into ingots, this can help your gameplay.
Cooking a steel pick will reward you with a very durable carbon-steel pick.
The Anvil has been modified for no more infinate fixing, your hammer will be ablre to fix about one and a half tools, use wisely, or have lots of hammers.
The Ranged weapons are VERY powerful, almost one shot one kill on most mobs, however ammo is slightly scarse.
Stones found in the landscape can be crafted into cobble.
Dry shrubs can be crafted into sticks.


See included crafting guide in inventory for specifics.

To craft any tool:
You need duct-tape! See craft guide for exact details on crafting.

To make clean farmable water:
*craft four cactus and a bucket.
*cook a bucket of clean water.
*to get bucket of clean water: bucket of toxic water+sand_gravel.

To make mese shards (it is not in ore generation to keep things somewhat realistic.)
*find in village chest.
*craft obsidian shard+copper_ingot+glass+alien hide = mese_shard_stasis.
*craft obsidian shard+tin_ingot+glass+alien hide = mese_shard_stasis.
*craft obsidian shard+silver_ingot+glass+alien hide = mese_shard_stasis.
*cook mese_shard_stasis for mese shard, or use an alien clar with mese_shard_stasis to skip the cooking.
*nine mese shards make mese crystal.

*chop using axe
*craft four sticks to make wood planks
*punch leaves for sticks
*plant only on green grass or good dirt, all other dry_dirt and dirt_with_dry_grass is non grow able.


*The dried lake beds are filled with radioactive water and mud.
*The mud is very radioactive, you will be dead before you even touch it.
*The glimmering green toxic water is dangerous, but you can scoop up with bucket to refine.
*The HUD isn't working as of this release.
*Good luck roaming at night!


*The dig levels are much tougher, you will need steel pick to mine stone.
*The way to mine is find a cave and explore it like you would in real life.
*craft TNT to clear more stone
*Diamonds are used for protection blocks
*gold_lump is used to pay npc for random item.


* This ain't Minecraft. This game is much harder by intention than Minecraft.
* You will need an axe to chop all wooden items except bookshelf and bed.
* Most dirt and clay must be dug with shovel
* You should always keep one axe in your inventory or you will get stuck. It might be wise to have a spawn function.


Maikerumines smart mobs and Oussama's Future_Pack mobs (with changed textures, behaviours, and strengths) are what you will encounter here.
*Monsters are bad.
*Some NPC's are bad, you will figure this out on your first night.
*Good NPC's will help fight bad monsters.
*NPC's are your best option from escaping an attack.
*Right click NPC to command them to your side.
*Give bread or meat to heal them.
*Give gold_lump to recieve random item.
*Cook mob meat to make edible meat.


Tenplus1's great farming mod.
*Pretty awesome and incorporated into village chests, you will have food if you explore.
*Use food in hand to plant seed of same food type except wheat and cotton.
*You will never run out of food if you make a farm.


This may or may not be implemented on the Apollo Server in the future.

*YOU only have WOOD, IRON, GOLD, and BRONZE
*Future development will incorporate radiation to your armor protection.
https://github.com/stujones11/minetest-3d_armor--I believe the armor is the game is from Carbone though.


This is a modified version from TenPlus1's protector redo mod.
*Craft 8 stone around one mese block.
*Protection is r5.
*You get one protectors.


Modified versions of shooter and Ranged Weapons:
You can smelt down the weapons into iron and other items to help you on your way.

VILLAGES: A.K.A. SOKOMINE's amazing compilation with a few expert Minetest coders, please read the readme's.

This one is tricky... I have re-coded a few things for this game, specifically: the chests, the mapgen, the trees, the buildings (some will look more bombed out due to having cottages installed but only for the hammer and anvil.
*Villages are your bread and butter. YOu will need to stay a night or to on your initial experience with this game.
*Right click traders to buy things, this comes in very handy.
*Chests will have MUCH to loot, the world is never ending, have fun.
*Type "/visit "#"" to teleport to a nearby village.
*Type "/vmap" to see surrounding villages.
*Did I mention these villages are your bread and butter?
*Make a base in a far away village for optimum safety against online players, however, if you got there, they will get there too.



Real lifelike cities generate in the terrain filled with loot! Mine down a car for scrap metals, or hide in the sewer system at night, just be sure to be safe and always on your toes whilst in the cities!

PATHV7 (soon to be pathvalleys):

This incredible mod generates roadways that are drivable and explorable throughout the map, a great way to find villages and cities.


Customised a bit to add the special planlife into the scenery, all nodes are found in creative only at this time. Great for building any futuristic looking builds!


Currently buggy when punching vehicle, however vehicle parts are to be found in cities by mining wrecked cars for loot.


You better not get sick! Adds a few infectious nodes to the game if your health and hunger are too low, you will get infected.


Adds some medical items to help heal you while on your adventures.


Brings immersion to your gameplay by adding 6 different skyboxes to change the mood. Currently set to a default sky, soon to have more functionality. Comment out the sky.lua in the aftermath folder to regain control of your skybox choice.


Immersive rain, snow, and thunder. Goes well with this type of game. Currently modded to interact with skybox a bit, these two are WIP to work together.


Adds a climbing pick to scale verticle walls, very important to have!


Adds a colourful blocks for building out of clay, which there is a LOT of in this mapgen.


Create asphalt roads that save in protection! As long as there is a protector on either end of a roadway, all connected of course, then it remains protected.


License of source code:
LGPLv2.1 for Aftermath game, based off of minetest_game (SEE BOTTOM FOR ORIGINAL LICENSE INFO.)
WTFPL or otherwise stated in mods.

License of media:
Any Custom texture from maikerumine:
Maikerumine (CC BY-SA 3.0)
toby109tt: for creating the textures:
Header logo -aftermath
New wood textures
new dead leaves
new canned food
new atom soda texture
New Hud items region

or otherwise stated in mods included in this subgame.
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The main game for the Minetest game engine [minetest_game]
Minetest Game [minetest_game]
The main subgame for the Minetest engine

To use this subgame with the Minetest engine, insert this repository as

The Minetest engine can be found in:

The Minetest Game github master HEAD is generally compatible with the github
master HEAD of the Minetest engine.

Additionally, when the Minetest engine is tagged to be a certain version (eg.
0.4.10), Minetest Game is tagged with the version too.

When stable releases are made, Minetest Game is packaged and made available in
and in case the repository has grown too much, it may be reset. In that sense,
this is not a "real" git repository. (Package maintainers please note!)